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A native of New York, Liz Sykes is a fine arts graduate who has studied at The School of Visual Arts, Pratt Institute and has a Master of Science in Art Education. Her fantasy art work is recognized for the colorful symbolic images which evoke mood, energy and mystical atmosphere. The power and magnificence of the human figure is depicted as she captures life within her subjects through the accomplishments of her specialized airbrush and acrylic painting techniques.

Working in the field of education as a New York public school teacher since 1981, she derives great satisfaction from lending her artistic talents to generate discussion, help enhance growth and bring about change in students. Her female fantasy art works encompasses genres such as erotic fairies, exotic queens, butterfly ladies, fierce Amazon and Women Warriors.

These fine art paintings embody her philosophies of Feminine Fantacism and feature poetry which were specially commissioned for each piece. Liz Sykes is currently working on the theme: Yoruban Deities. These works of fine art reveal powerful images of the divinities, or Orishas originating from the old beliefs of the Yoruba people of Africa. During the slave trade, Yoruba natives were forcibly transported from Africa to the Caribbean.

Forced to suppress their native religious practices, these slaves developed ways of keeping their old beliefs alive by equating each Orisha with a corresponding Christian Saint. Today the religion of Regla de Ocha, also known as Lucumi or Santeria is very much alive and practiced all over the world.

The supreme African Goddesses and Gods of this religion (Obatala, Ellegua, Chango, Ochun, Ogun, Yemeya and Oya) are elegantly designed and exquisitely depicted by this renowned fantasy artist. Parris Studios is proud to feature Liz Sykes’ visionary Fantasy Art work which is available as limited edition giclee on canvas and paper.


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