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Collection: Fantasy Art

Fantasy Art is a type of artistic expression which enables artists to create visual images for illogical thought. It encompasses such artistic genres like angels, fairies, butterfly ladies, mermaids, gods and goddesses, unicorns, Pegasus, dragons, Amazon warriors, Sci-fi and more. Feminine Mysticism is a spiritual movement dedicated to the revivement of the feminine principle or the feminine God. These principals and beliefs reflect what I feel spiritually and also what I envision in my fantasy art. By integrating the philosophical concepts of Feminine Mysticism with the principles of Fantasy Art I have developed a hybrid genre of art called Feminine Fantacism. This body of work integrates the doctrines of Feminine Mysticism with the creativity of Fantasy Art and presents a innovative, visual synthesis of both worlds. It is a realm where women who are depicted in phantasmal chasms of space and time are the focus of both power and beauty. I believe it is imperative to continue on this spiritual and artistic journey in portraying powerful matriarchal images and supreme Goddesses. This would certainly provide an alternative to the conventional views that men have always been dominant in politics, religion and society: an essential visual perspective for society’s new paradigm of the 21st century.

Bonded By The Sea
cocos tropical
Siren Song
Cat Tails
Baptism 1
Cat Women
Butterlfy Woman
Amazon Woman
Heavinly Bodies
Cat Wire

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